Our Services

As an experienced engineering and technical commissioning company, RME delivers professional services in every aspect of the project lifecycle, solving the most complex challenges with pioneering solutions.


At RME, we can provide a wide range of turnkey solutions to meet your current and future needs. To ensure that you receive a solution that is project specific for your development, Rescom supports each stage of the process through pre coordination, ongoing collaboration, professional engineering and planning. Our proactive approach has earned Rescom a reputation as being a cooperative flexible company with an impeccable history of delivering successful projects time after time.


At RME, we utilize the latest commissioning protocols to ensure that your project starts with a focus on efficiency and is bought to a satisfactory conclusion. Therefore we offer thorough assistance in various fields concerning commissioning management and validation. Within our work, we ensure to carry out and comply according to the local and international regulations which we have a wealth of expertise on, as well as the specification standards. Some of the fields in which we provide assistance include:

  • Design, Shop & As Built Drawing Review
  • Commissioning Strategy, Review & Progress Updates
  • Factory Acceptance Testing witnessing
  • Building Integration Management & Testing
  • Test documentation sequencing & Collation
  • Client Training
  • Dynamic & Static System Testing
  • Electrical Live Testing
  • Plant Commission


With the effectual Testing, Adjusting, and Balancing (TAB) service of RME, you can get your facility running at peak performance. Our sheer commitment to providing seamless and timely services allows our expert technicians to perform TAB in line with the highest standards, without compromising on efficiency and comfort. We understand the importance of a sustainable and fully operational ventilation system. This is why we employ accurate test equipment and our knowledge of operations to carry out projects with beneficial results in the following areas:

  • Duck Leakage Testing
  • Variable Air Volume Systems (VAV)
  • Low Velocity Air Systems
  • Stairwell, Lift & Corridor Pressurization Fans
  • Kitchen Extract Systems
  • Air Handling Units (AHU)
  • Fresh Air Handling Units (FAHU)
  • Chilled Water & Domestic Water Systems
  • Coil Performance Testing


With our top end electrical testing, inspection, and analysis services, you can keep your business and home safe, as well as compliant. After all, faulty wiring and appliances can result in electric shocks, explosions, and burns. Therefore the experienced electrical engineers and technicians at Rescom Middle East are equipped with years of training and necessary testing equipment, as well as an understanding of the safety regulations and standards. Our teams are experienced in the following testing techniques:

  • Cold Testing (LV)
  • Live Testing (LV)
  • Earthing Systems
  • Distribution Board
  • Sub Main Distribution Board
  • Main Distribution Board
  • Motor Control Centre


To ensure the reliability of your electrical and power systems, our expert engineers and maintenance personnel are dedicated to providing solutions in precise and cost efficient ways. Our team also possesses capabilities for carrying out Portable Appliance PAT testing for construction sites, as well as commercial and residential units. Be it an office floor, retail unit or an entire building, our testing provides vital information for reducing overall power consumption and guiding the end user as to where vital savings can be made:

  • Power Wave Data Capture
  • Power Inverter Efficiency
  • Energy monetization
  • Energy assessment
  • Frontline troubleshooting
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Long term analysis
  • Load studies


As an elemental approach to helping you with the decision making process of renovation, maintenance, purchase or refinancing, Rescom Middle East assists its clients with conditional surveys for all types of commercial buildings. For its successful execution, we engage with business owners or occupants to identify the issues, accordingly recommending a solution to either address the problem or go back to the landlord in the case of a tenant’s demise. Our team of experts deals with a plethora of aspects in conditional surveys, including:

  • Base Build Services Measurement
  • Correction of Information
  • Review of As built Drawings
  • Structural Issues
  • Mechanical and Electrical Deficiencies
  • Code Compliance Research
  • Testing of Operating Systems


Troubleshooting issues in communication, signals, and cabling can crop up in multifaceted building control systems. And to curb this, we carry out intrusive testing of procedures and reviews of documents to determine the pressing troubleshoot systems within a building. Accordingly, we communicate our findings with the design team or the occupier to redesign the system or offer an innovative system. Our skilled team conduct tests and reviews in the following areas:

  • Sensors
  • Actuator
  • Field Controller
  • Control loop
  • Management Level Workstation
  • DDC Controller
  • Cabling Infrastructure
  • Signal Transmission
  • Networking Protocols


From building operation to system testing, our professionals at the maintenance division provide maintenance services to the commercial, retail, and residential sectors in both Abu Dhabi and Dubai. With a focus on the quality of craftsmanship and the standards of practice, our services cover all the aspects of maintenance, eventually ensuring to foster coordination, prevent risks, and save time. We offer maintenance solutions in the following areas:

  • Electrical PPM
  • HVAC Duct Cleaning
  • Domestic Water PPM
  • Domestic Water Tank Cleaning
  • Refrigerated Air Conditioning System PPM